New Look Facebook Video Player Features 2016

Good morning guys, there is something new on Facebook video player desktop version, a moments ago i open Facebook homepage and watching video as usually, there is something different not like before. Wow, Facebook have a new look and features on the video player. Previously, when i want to pause the video, i just click the video screen, and now that feature is disabled, the "Pause" feature change become a new look Facebook Video player screen, with video playlist. To pause the video now, you must click the real "Pause" button on left side video screen. This new Facebook features like a Youtube Playlist features i think, when we finish watching the video, the next video will play automatically due video inside playlist. Seemingly, Facebook follow Youtube old playlist features with different appearance.

Okay, you can view image below to know the new Facebook video player features.
new facebook video player features and appearance december 2015
1. This is a new features from facebook, you can see the video playlist under video screen.
2. New video screen. Now you can watching Facebook video with three mode screen.
3. When you click that button, will bring you to the next video on playlist.
4. The facebook user ID who upload the video with information of the video
 Do you like with this new Facebook video player features? I like the new features, with this new features i can easily watching other video from the video uploader. Okay, that's it. If you have question or suggestion, please leave a comment below my post. Thank you for coming on my blog guys, see u in the next article.


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