The Making of Valentino Rossi's Helmet Soleluna 2016

This is my old project plan, to repaint KYT Vendetta2 Helmet with Valentino Rossi Soleluna 2016 Graphic, and upload to Youtube. After months and weeks, finally i can finished my customer helmet and filming. I hope you enjoy watching my video bro, im so sorry for the video quality.

To made Soleluna 2016 Graphic, you need more color to repaint your helmet. Some color is Primary white, black, solid blue, ocean blue, sky blue, yellow, orange, pink, green, and red. Total color is about 10.

First step, you must sanding your helmet to remove the old paint, and making bit scratch, after sanding, wash your helmet with soap (not detergen). Dry it. Then use white color for the base color.

You must make a scetch using pencil on your helmet, watch carefully on Valentino Rossi Soleluna 2016 graphic helmet picture/ photos. See the details of the graphic, then start drawing the scetch (this process is so difficult, and takes many times).

After you finished the scetch, start repaint with first color (black). The black color is a lines for sun and moon, and other details like square on the soleluna 2016 graphic. Use thin masking tape for better paint result.

helm rossi valentino cara repaint helm motif rossi

The second colour is Yellow Fluorescent (Rossi's favourite color). For better Yellow Fluorescent result you must clean the white base color from pencil mark you did to make a scetch before. The Yellow Fluorescent color is not solid, and need a white color to make better result.

Third color, Ocean blue. This is my favourite color. To get this color i must mix 2 type of color, that is "solid blue" and "Sky Blue".

Fourth color is Sky Blue, if you see Valentino Rossi helmet from the back, this color is so dominant between Rossi's crescent moon graphic.

Fifth color, Yellow. This color different from Yellow Fluorescent. This just the usual yellow color, nothing special . . . haha. These Color are used in Crescent moon, the circle, V, and line graphic.

The Sixth color is Orange, this color used also in Crescent moon and circle graphic.

Seventh color, Pink. If you see the square color on valentino rossi helmet is using pink color, also in V graphic on the right side of the helmet.

how to paint your helmet with rossi style graphic helmet soleluna 2016

Eighth color is Green, are used in triangle sign, the line on the left side helmet, and Italian flag from AGV logo.

Red. As like a green color, red color are used in AGV logo for italian flag, and Marco Simoncelli Race number "58" on the blue color between crescent moon, on the back of the helmet.

After finished all color, then i make some AGV, Monster Energy logos, and make some markings like Drudi Performance, 39 Luis Salom number, and my blog site url, also AGV font logos too. To make this markings and AGV font, i used laser photo copy paper with black ink (note: just black color, im not try another color yet, but i think must use laser printer ink to using another color except black). To stick the paper on the helmet you must coating the helmet surface first, let it dry. Then this is the important part, i use anti mosquito hand lotion and fill it in the photo copy paper using paintbrush, and then immediately stick it to the helmet. Let it dry, to remove the paper, use water and remove slowly and carefully until the markings is clearly visible. Let it dry again, and coating again with lacquer/ varnish. For better result, i must sanding the markings.

Ok guys, i think my description enough up here. If you have a question, you can leave a comment. I hope i can replied immediattely.

Thanks for coming ^_^

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  1. Por favor, você poderia me mandar os gráficos, para eu tentar reproduzir o capacete, sou do Brasil...
    Meu email:
    Aguardo sua resposta...

    1. Hi mr. Anonymous. Maybe you can speak with English? Thanks

  2. KEren design helmnya VR46, thanks infonya gan

  3. Kereeennn...
    Pesen design helmet berapa nih?

  4. salam....may i know what paint u use it....if im not wrong u use tin paint is right.....samurai

  5. mantaps helmnya detail gan saya udah liat yutubnya juga, saya mau order bisa ngga ya gan ? ada kontak yg bisa dihubungi ?


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